Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Weekend in Movies


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York City (1992)

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Hilarious movie. They did a great job on this sequel. I wanted it with Kristi and my sister Heather. We laughed and laughed!

Bottom line: Funny stuff. A great holiday fun movie!

The Mentalist (2008 - present)

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Okay so I knows it's not a movie, but we watched several episodes and it was on DVD so I figure it counts. I think this is the best crime/mystery series on tv. It's my very favorite.

Bottom Line: Amazing. Witty. Hilarious. Full of drama. Great story. Wonderful characters. Perfect cast. I love it! You should watch it.

Saturday Night

John Muir in the New World (2011)

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I watched this while I fixed my wool socks (sometimes I just can't believe how cool I am). This was great. I think John Muir is an American hero. Everyone ought to know about him. He was very influential in saving many of our natural and national treasures.

Bottom Line: If you like American history it's wonderful. A great documentary. Watch it! PBS rocks!

The Misfits (1961)

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 My first time watching this film! I was very happy to find it playing on TCM. My goodness, what a film! If you doubt Marilyn Monroe as an actress, this film ought to change your mind!

Bottom Line: A fantastic movie. Well worth your time. I'll probably buy it sometime.

The Mentalist (2008 - present)

See above.


Little Women (1933)

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The best version of Little Women as far as I'm concerned. Everytime I read the books I picture these characters just as they are played in this movie. Katharine Hepburn is the perfect Jo. I just adore this story. It speaks to my heart.

Bottom Line: Every girl ought to know this story. It's so lovely and perfect.

The Muppet Show (1967 - 1981)

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So fun! We watched an episode with Gene Kelly and then one with Julie Andrews. Delightful. This sort of entertainment is only to be found in recordings of the past.

Bottom Line: The Muppet Show is great! Should be a family favorite. Watch it with anyone who loves real, solid entertainment.


  1. I love the muppet show!!!! Do you have episodes of it? I would totally ask to borrow them. :) I really should also watch the misfits. It sounds great.

    1. I don't but the library does! They are awesome.

      You would love the Misfits.You would totally get it. Marilyn is so fantastic in it!


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