Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Taco Bell love story

First off just push play on the video before you read further. The music will help you feel what I was feeling.

 So I had just gotten out of a meeting. I needed to be at my internship in 45 minutes and I didn't feel like getting dropped off at home only to walk to my internship. So I had my ride take me directly to my internship. I put my stuff away and walked over to Taco Bell (which is very close) for dinner. Taco Bell was pretty empty. They had their workers, a couple eating in the corner, a girl about to order and me.

I wisely ordered a cheesy potato burrito and some nachos. As I went to sit down I noticed that Journey's Open Arms had just begun to play. I also noticed that a young man had just come in. Alone.

He looked like this:
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson via wweofficials.com

Fine. He really looked like this:

Well naturally I was very attracted to him. I mean with Open Arms playing who wouldn't be? Well I winked at him and the gave me the eye brows... and before you knew it he was eating his Taco Bell across the table from me.

As we talked we learned we had a lot in common. He enjoys old movies, great books and talks to the moon. With all of this in common how could we ignore our love?

Just kidding. We all know that didn't happen. But really when the kid walked in and Open Arms was playing it felt a little like we were in a movie and would fall in love at any moment.

Also my cheesy potato burrito and nachos were delicious. Like always.


  1. bahahaha, you should have started a blog years ago!

    1. I should have! I need a place to channel my weirdness.

  2. HA HA! I almost thought you really meet a new guy!

    1. Mom! I would totally tell you BEFORE I put it on a blog! haha


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