Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bumpy Rainbow Blanket

I love this blanket. It is the first normal blanket I have ever made. They usually turn out like triangles because I stink at counting stitches. This one was too easy though. Can you see the little bumps in the blanket? Well there are 5 double crochets in between each bump. That made counting super easy. I can totally count to 5.

I found the tutorial for the blanket over at Three Beans in a Pod. If you crochet, you should totally make this blanket!

Monday, September 3, 2012

John Denver sighting!

via audiophileparadise
Okay, not really. But kinda.

Our waiter at the Boise Chili's looked like John Denver. He even had the haircut and glasses. It was awesome.

I should have told him that he looks like John Denver. I wonder if he gets that a lot? I should also have asked him for a picture and his autograph.

I'll do better next time.