Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday Carol Burnett!

via Masterworks Broadway

I really can't believe Carol is 80. She never looks 80 when I see her. Mind you, I've been watching reruns of the Carol Burnett Show for several months.

I cannot get enough of this lady. She is brilliant. I swear she can do anything.

PBS's American Masters did an episode called Carol Burnett: A Woman of Character. You can watch it on YouTube. And I think you should go watch it. Most of you probably have no idea how amazing she is.

Here are a couple Carol videos. Both addressing fan mail (unintentional I assure you, I just picked two that I really liked). Shirley MacLaine's birthday was earlier in the week, so I thought the second video was perfect. 

In writing this I realized I only have one post about the Carol Burnett show, I'll remedy that next week.

Carol Burnett just announced that she'll be doing more tours this year and releasing another book. I am delighted about both and hope that she'll bring her tour out this way!

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