Monday, January 23, 2012

My Weekend in Movies

I'm sure you're all dying to know what I watched over the weekend. Since I aim to please here is My Weekend in Movies!


Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone poster via Wikipedia

This movie is Christmas staple in the life of any 90s kid. When I found out that my roommate and dear friend Kristi had never seen it (or even heard of it) I snagged the VHS from the Madison Library.

I hadn't watched it in a while but it was interesting to notice that Kevin's family is AWFUL. They are not nice and his parents are not very good parents.

That aside, I love this movie. It's so funny and Kevin is just adorable. What a kid. Kristi loved it. She felt pretty sorry for Harry and Marv. The poor guys get creamed!

Bottom line: If you haven't seen it, you should.

What a Way to Go! (1964)

What a Way to Go! poster via ePier
I seriously dig this movie. Friday was my second time watching it. I've watched it with Kristi both times. My friend Melissa gave it to me because she knows me all too well.

The cast is the first thing that should draw you to this film. Scroll up and read the list.... it's amazing right?

All of the men on that list except Bob Cummings get married to Shirley MacLaine's character. And they all end up dead. It sounds strange but it's really fun. Kristi and I give it two thumbs up!

Bottom line: Hilarious movie. Over the top. Totally work watching. Even if you are just watching for the cast.


Rio Bravo (1959)
Rio Bravo poster via ilovedeanmartin
I love this movie! I saw it in a $5 bin at Walmart and had to have it. I hadn't even seen it before then but when I see John Wayne and Dean Martin on the cover I don't ask questions I just buy it!

I was extremely happy with my purchase. The best western film I have ever seen. Great acting all around. Great story. Handsome men. Beautiful women. A couple songs with Dean and Ricky Nelson singing.


Bottom line: Just buy it. You'll never regret it. It's in my top 5 movies for sure.

That's Entertainment! (1974)

That's Entertainment! via Amazon

I am a super fan of this movie. It's a showcase of all of MGM's musicals and music numbers hosted by the stars themselves. Everything from Jimmy Stewart singing and Clark Gable dancing to the greatest numbers from Singing in the Rain, The Band Wagon and many others.

This movie helped me notice all of the movies I'd never seen that I needed to see. I still haven't watched them all.

Kristi was the best to watch this with because she really appreciated everything she saw. There where many squeals of delight and looks of awe. It's wonderful to share something so great with someone who totally gets it.

Bottom line: If you like musicals and MGM you'll love this. It's got some musical numbers you'd likely never see if it weren't for this movie. Check out Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell dancing to Beguine the Begin:


Ben Hur (1959)

Ben Hur poster via Scene-Stealers
A fantastic choice for a Sunday. I put this in while I cooked my taco soup and no fail french bread.

It's very inspiring. It testifies for Christ and tells the story of how a man came to know Christ.

It's long, but totally worth it.

Bottom line: Wonderful, epic movie. I highly recommend it to anyone.

 The National Parks: America's Best Idea (2009)

Yosemite Valley in Winter via Trailspace

"We need national parks to have people, especially our kids, understand what America is. America's not sidewalks, America's not stores, America's not video games, America's not restaurants. We need national parks so people can go there and say, 'Ah, this is America.'"-Gerard Baker (superintendent of Mt. Rushmore National Monument)

Man oh man. If only I could make you understand how much I love this series. Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan are the creators of this fantastic journey through the history of America's National Parks. This film has changed my life. Really. Did you know this series is the primary reason I decided I want to be a park ranger? If you want appreciation for our beautiful and unique landscapes you can gain it from watching this. Burns and Duncan are wonderful men working together to tell our history and change the way we think.

Bottom line: I could go on forever. Just watch them. They are two hours each and there are six episodes. I watched episode five on Sunday. Watch one at a time, watch them all at once... just watch them! If you go to BYU-Idaho we have them at our library.


  1. I love that they try to make "What A Way To Go" Seem like a scandalous movie. But we all know that compared to movies these days, it's so mild. :)

    1. Dick Van Dyke stated in his autobiography (fantastic book by the way) that he wouldn't have been in it if he had know it would be that way. He was committed to being in movies and things that would be able to be watched by families and his kids.


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