Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Weekend in Movies


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York City (1992)

poster via moviegoods
Hilarious movie. They did a great job on this sequel. I wanted it with Kristi and my sister Heather. We laughed and laughed!

Bottom line: Funny stuff. A great holiday fun movie!

The Mentalist (2008 - present)

poster via imp awards

Okay so I knows it's not a movie, but we watched several episodes and it was on DVD so I figure it counts. I think this is the best crime/mystery series on tv. It's my very favorite.

Bottom Line: Amazing. Witty. Hilarious. Full of drama. Great story. Wonderful characters. Perfect cast. I love it! You should watch it.

Saturday Night

John Muir in the New World (2011)

poster via childrenandnature
I watched this while I fixed my wool socks (sometimes I just can't believe how cool I am). This was great. I think John Muir is an American hero. Everyone ought to know about him. He was very influential in saving many of our natural and national treasures.

Bottom Line: If you like American history it's wonderful. A great documentary. Watch it! PBS rocks!

The Misfits (1961)

poster via filmsgraded
 My first time watching this film! I was very happy to find it playing on TCM. My goodness, what a film! If you doubt Marilyn Monroe as an actress, this film ought to change your mind!

Bottom Line: A fantastic movie. Well worth your time. I'll probably buy it sometime.

The Mentalist (2008 - present)

See above.


Little Women (1933)

poster via moviepostershop

The best version of Little Women as far as I'm concerned. Everytime I read the books I picture these characters just as they are played in this movie. Katharine Hepburn is the perfect Jo. I just adore this story. It speaks to my heart.

Bottom Line: Every girl ought to know this story. It's so lovely and perfect.

The Muppet Show (1967 - 1981)

Gene Kelly and Muppets via MuppetWiki

So fun! We watched an episode with Gene Kelly and then one with Julie Andrews. Delightful. This sort of entertainment is only to be found in recordings of the past.

Bottom Line: The Muppet Show is great! Should be a family favorite. Watch it with anyone who loves real, solid entertainment.


Brick via buddytv

I go to church with him! He's in my ward! Well, a more grown up version of him. Big head and everything. and awkward movements.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Making Men's Wool Socks Fit Your Girl Feet

So I bought some wool socks, they were really cheap, about $5.50 a pair once I paid shipping.

Once they arrived I realized they were men's socks. About 2 inches too big for me. Since they were so cheap I really wanted to keep them, plus I need them. I wear wool socks everyday and only have two pairs. A pair for everyday would be wonderful!

I talked to my mom and decided that I could cut the toe off and move it up. I ended up cutting them just below the heel, mostly because it just made more sense to me.

I have been wearing one of the pairs for a few hours and it looks like I'll need to sew them up another time, the wool doesn't like to stay together with just a little stitch. 

Here are some pictures to show you what I did:

Cut the sock
Put ride sides together and line up any distinct colors (If you don't it'll look a little wonky).
Sew it up (I did it by hand) and turn it inside out.
Trim off the excess (careful not to cut into what you've sewn, I did that a couple times).
You have a sock that fits you! (See how it looks wonky? I lined the rest of them up.)
Here is a original sock next to one I fixed. Success!

Yay! Warm socks that fit!

Now I have 4 new pairs of socks. Happy Pam!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Artist

The Artist poster via Film School Rejects

I really want to see this movie. Really really really. It looks fantastic. AND it's in black and white. Check out these photos.

Peppy Miller and Jack via Los Angeles Times
George Valentin and Peppy Miller via Confessions of Film Critic
George Valentin via Cinema Sights
Peppy Miller via Flicks and Bits
Doesn't it look delightful? I must see it. Sadly it's not playing in where near me right now. I will be watching anxiously for when I can go see it!

You can watch the trailer and learn more about The Artist on the official site.

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alpine Spiced Cider

It smells like camping, it tastes like camping... but I'm not camping.

Alpine Spiced Cider via

I love Alpine Spiced Cider. Mostly because it is the kind of cider we take with us camping every year.

The first time I bought cider on campus I was happy to discover that their cider is Alpine Spiced Cider.

Every time I purchase cider on campus it is delightful. Every time I take a sip I can pretend I'm in the middle of the Montana wilderness with my family, where the only concern there is when and where we will hike next and who is cooking dinner and what they are making.

Thank you Alpine for giving me an awesome (and cheap) escape!

Monday, January 23, 2012


From MegaMind. You know him:

Bernard via wikia
Well I saw him in human form (as opposed to cartoon form) today! I put money on his I-Card at the circulation desk!

It was awesome.

My Weekend in Movies

I'm sure you're all dying to know what I watched over the weekend. Since I aim to please here is My Weekend in Movies!


Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone poster via Wikipedia

This movie is Christmas staple in the life of any 90s kid. When I found out that my roommate and dear friend Kristi had never seen it (or even heard of it) I snagged the VHS from the Madison Library.

I hadn't watched it in a while but it was interesting to notice that Kevin's family is AWFUL. They are not nice and his parents are not very good parents.

That aside, I love this movie. It's so funny and Kevin is just adorable. What a kid. Kristi loved it. She felt pretty sorry for Harry and Marv. The poor guys get creamed!

Bottom line: If you haven't seen it, you should.

What a Way to Go! (1964)

What a Way to Go! poster via ePier
I seriously dig this movie. Friday was my second time watching it. I've watched it with Kristi both times. My friend Melissa gave it to me because she knows me all too well.

The cast is the first thing that should draw you to this film. Scroll up and read the list.... it's amazing right?

All of the men on that list except Bob Cummings get married to Shirley MacLaine's character. And they all end up dead. It sounds strange but it's really fun. Kristi and I give it two thumbs up!

Bottom line: Hilarious movie. Over the top. Totally work watching. Even if you are just watching for the cast.


Rio Bravo (1959)
Rio Bravo poster via ilovedeanmartin
I love this movie! I saw it in a $5 bin at Walmart and had to have it. I hadn't even seen it before then but when I see John Wayne and Dean Martin on the cover I don't ask questions I just buy it!

I was extremely happy with my purchase. The best western film I have ever seen. Great acting all around. Great story. Handsome men. Beautiful women. A couple songs with Dean and Ricky Nelson singing.


Bottom line: Just buy it. You'll never regret it. It's in my top 5 movies for sure.

That's Entertainment! (1974)

That's Entertainment! via Amazon

I am a super fan of this movie. It's a showcase of all of MGM's musicals and music numbers hosted by the stars themselves. Everything from Jimmy Stewart singing and Clark Gable dancing to the greatest numbers from Singing in the Rain, The Band Wagon and many others.

This movie helped me notice all of the movies I'd never seen that I needed to see. I still haven't watched them all.

Kristi was the best to watch this with because she really appreciated everything she saw. There where many squeals of delight and looks of awe. It's wonderful to share something so great with someone who totally gets it.

Bottom line: If you like musicals and MGM you'll love this. It's got some musical numbers you'd likely never see if it weren't for this movie. Check out Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell dancing to Beguine the Begin:


Ben Hur (1959)

Ben Hur poster via Scene-Stealers
A fantastic choice for a Sunday. I put this in while I cooked my taco soup and no fail french bread.

It's very inspiring. It testifies for Christ and tells the story of how a man came to know Christ.

It's long, but totally worth it.

Bottom line: Wonderful, epic movie. I highly recommend it to anyone.

 The National Parks: America's Best Idea (2009)

Yosemite Valley in Winter via Trailspace

"We need national parks to have people, especially our kids, understand what America is. America's not sidewalks, America's not stores, America's not video games, America's not restaurants. We need national parks so people can go there and say, 'Ah, this is America.'"-Gerard Baker (superintendent of Mt. Rushmore National Monument)

Man oh man. If only I could make you understand how much I love this series. Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan are the creators of this fantastic journey through the history of America's National Parks. This film has changed my life. Really. Did you know this series is the primary reason I decided I want to be a park ranger? If you want appreciation for our beautiful and unique landscapes you can gain it from watching this. Burns and Duncan are wonderful men working together to tell our history and change the way we think.

Bottom line: I could go on forever. Just watch them. They are two hours each and there are six episodes. I watched episode five on Sunday. Watch one at a time, watch them all at once... just watch them! If you go to BYU-Idaho we have them at our library.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taco Soup & No Fail French Bread

On Sundays I generally like to make a big meal. That way I can save it and eat it for meals all week long. Luckily it doesn't bother me to eat the same thing all week.

Today I decided to make taco soup. The recipe can be found on Food from the Sellers. I made one variation; I used chicken instead of ground beef. Also I cook it on the stove instead of in the crock pot (I don't have one big enough). 

I usually eat my taco soup with tortilla chips, but I ran out and I didn't want to go buy any. Instead I decided to make no fail french bread as found on Tin & Pan.

Happy eating!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Thursday night I decided I wanted to cut my hair. Naturally I had some anxiety over it. I love my long hair. I've only had short hair once.

After discussing the matter with my sister, mom and best friends I decided it was happening. Very soon, or I might back out.

Basically my reasoning is that (1) I am tired of having layers and (2) I'm graduating, so why not change it up a bit.

So after getting some advice from my friends I decided to go to The Cut Above on recommendation from my dear friend Emily. I went over straight after leaving my internship. I was going to have them cut it right then and there, but they didn't have time for me until 2:30pm. I made the appointment and went home to eat.

As I walked there I kept getting more and more nervous. Then I walked in. Brother Thornton from the library was there with his wife. That was nice, a familiar face. Then I started talking to Alicia, my stylist. She was wonderful! I felt very comfortable and she listened to everything I said. Before she did anything she was sure to ask me.

Well it's all over and I'm very happy with my new hair.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Sorry for the bad quality. They were taken on my phone. Also, sorry about the crazy face. My roommate said I didn't look happy.... so I tried. But I was nervous! Also my hair looks insane because I hadn't washed it for 3 days and it was just in a french braid.

My hair feels so much healthier (and looks it). I really love it. I'm excited to try out all the 1960s hairstyles Melissa and I found.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lena Hoschek Fashion Collection Autumn/Fall 2012

AND that was only my favorites! Check out the whole line here.

Lena Hoschek is kindred spirit - no doubt. Can you believe the beauty of those clothes? I really could look at these photos all day long.... mostly because I'd be dreaming of being in them!

Which are your favorites?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Taco Bell love story

First off just push play on the video before you read further. The music will help you feel what I was feeling.

 So I had just gotten out of a meeting. I needed to be at my internship in 45 minutes and I didn't feel like getting dropped off at home only to walk to my internship. So I had my ride take me directly to my internship. I put my stuff away and walked over to Taco Bell (which is very close) for dinner. Taco Bell was pretty empty. They had their workers, a couple eating in the corner, a girl about to order and me.

I wisely ordered a cheesy potato burrito and some nachos. As I went to sit down I noticed that Journey's Open Arms had just begun to play. I also noticed that a young man had just come in. Alone.

He looked like this:
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson via

Fine. He really looked like this:

Well naturally I was very attracted to him. I mean with Open Arms playing who wouldn't be? Well I winked at him and the gave me the eye brows... and before you knew it he was eating his Taco Bell across the table from me.

As we talked we learned we had a lot in common. He enjoys old movies, great books and talks to the moon. With all of this in common how could we ignore our love?

Just kidding. We all know that didn't happen. But really when the kid walked in and Open Arms was playing it felt a little like we were in a movie and would fall in love at any moment.

Also my cheesy potato burrito and nachos were delicious. Like always.

Old Man Moon...

I love the moon. I really do. Sometimes I talk to him. He's the first thing I look for when I am outside. I love it when I see him during the daytime - bonus time with the moon is always great. 

The Hunter's Moon via

Often when I see the moon I start humming the tunes to Hoagy Carmichael's Old Man Moon. I only know it from the movie Topper and I can never quite get the words to I just hum along and then sing "Ooooold maan moon...." Here is the song as featured in Topper. The part that I always think of is at the end of this video when Cary Grant and Constance Bennett sing it. An interesting fact: Hoagy is playing the piano! Great cameo. 


 I think the moon is at it's best when it's surrounded by misty, drifting fog or clouds. It's so eery and romantic.

Moon Clouds Blue/Green via

Camping is the best time to see the moon because you're lucky enough to get to sleep by the light of it. There are no street lamps or car lights fouling things up. 

As a bonus (mostly for me) here is a clip from Disney's The Kid, One of my favorite Disney movies. They talk about the moon a few times in it and here is one of those scenes.

When do you like the moon best? Or do you like the moon at all? 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Goat Rodeo Sessions

These don't really need an introduction, so just sit back and enjoy some really talented musicians and fantastic bluegrass.


Here and Heaven

Those are from an album called The Goat Rodeo Sessions. I will likely be purchasing it soon. How can I not? It's pure talent. If your interested you can purchase it from (or other places, I just love Amazon).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

In my dreams...

I'm on Cary Grant's arm at a party wearing this dress:

Evening Dress Circa 1930-1935 via  The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Designed by Elsa Schiaparelli - what a dream of a dress!