Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Old Man Moon...

I love the moon. I really do. Sometimes I talk to him. He's the first thing I look for when I am outside. I love it when I see him during the daytime - bonus time with the moon is always great. 

The Hunter's Moon via nightskyinfo.com

Often when I see the moon I start humming the tunes to Hoagy Carmichael's Old Man Moon. I only know it from the movie Topper and I can never quite get the words to I just hum along and then sing "Ooooold maan moon...." Here is the song as featured in Topper. The part that I always think of is at the end of this video when Cary Grant and Constance Bennett sing it. An interesting fact: Hoagy is playing the piano! Great cameo. 


 I think the moon is at it's best when it's surrounded by misty, drifting fog or clouds. It's so eery and romantic.

Moon Clouds Blue/Green via pbase.com

Camping is the best time to see the moon because you're lucky enough to get to sleep by the light of it. There are no street lamps or car lights fouling things up. 

As a bonus (mostly for me) here is a clip from Disney's The Kid, One of my favorite Disney movies. They talk about the moon a few times in it and here is one of those scenes.

When do you like the moon best? Or do you like the moon at all? 


  1. Love the moon when it is nice and big and sky is clear. Also, love the song on It's a Wonderful Life, (And Dance by the light of the moon...)

    Mary looks at him provocatively, then turns and shuffles off down the street, singing as she goes.
    George hurries after her.

    MARY (singing): Buffalo Gals, can't you come out tonight . . .

    George joins her in the singing as they proceed down the street.

    MARY AND GEORGE (singing): . . . can't you come out tonight, can't you come out tonight. Buffalo Gals
    can't you come out tonight and dance by the light of
    the moon.

    GEORGE: What'd you wish when you threw that rock?

    CLOSE SHOT –– man on the porch of house, listening to George and Mary.

    MEDIUM CLOSEUP –– George and Mary have stopped walking and now face one another.

    MARY: Oh, no.

    GEORGE: Come on, tell me.

    MARY: If I told you it might not come true.

    GEORGE: What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say . . .

    LONG SHOT –– full moon shining through the trees.

    1. I can't believe I forgot about that scene. It's perfect for this post! Thanks Theresa!


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