Friday, March 23, 2012

Rick, Ilsa and Me

I saw Casablanca for the first time when in 2006, my very first semester at Brigham Young University - Idaho. I was in a class called Intro to Film Art. It was such a fun class for me. Basically we watched movies and discussed them.  I wasn't able to attend the class screenings of the movies, so I watched them on my own time.

I don't really remember watching any of them. Except Casablanca. I remember laying on my bed, watching it on my laptop and then crying very hard at the end (and possibly a couple other times...).

Things came full circle last night when I was able to watch the 70th anniversary screening of Casablanca in the Rexburg Paramount 5 theater. What a perfect thing to happen my last semester! I was so excited that I even skipped Grad Night to go.

If you haven't seen Casablanca, you need to. Everything about it is perfect. The actors are marvelous. Every character seems so real. It's so easy to cry and laugh along with them.

The music is delightful. Dooley Wilson is a dream, especially when he sings "As Time Goes By."

Watching Casablanca in a theater was a real treat. You could see everything so beautifully! It was wonderful! I was also really happy that my mom was able to join me.

Here are some of the best pictures I was able to find on the internet. I hope you like them as much as I do. And if you haven't seen Casablanca, maybe these will entice you to hurry up and do so.

Ilsa Lund via Fashionable Forties
Isn't Ingrid Bergman stunning? There is something about her that I get cant get enough of!

Rick and Ilsa via Hi-Fi Stories
 "Here's looking at you, kid."

Rick and Ilsa via Dr. Macro's
I love the tenderness of this picture. This is the Rick and Ilsa I love best.

Rick and Captain Renault via FanPop

There is something I really like about Captain Renault, even though I know I should despise him!

Rick and Ugarte via Dr. Macro's
Peter Lorre is a fantastic actor. I love his character Ugarte - it's a short part, but crucial!

Sam and Rick via Mythical Monkey
I really like Sam, you can tell he's a great friend to Rick.

Laszlo and Rick via Dr. Macro's
Laszlo is a very important character. He's very noble and understanding. Rick has a lot of respect for him.

Laszlo and Ilsa via Dr. Macro's
Interesting relationship these two. I like it.

Did anyone else attend the 70th Anniversary Screening? Where? Did you enjoy it?

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  1. I was there with one of my favorite daughters. I have always liked the movie but now I like it even more. It just comes to life more on the big screen and even though I knew the ending I was hoping for another one.


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