Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Fine Gifts"

As I think of my impending graduation from Brigham Young University-Idaho there are a few things I get to do. One is to consider buying some useless BYU-I memorabilia. As I was looking at my options today I came upon the Fine Gifts section. You can imagine my excitement. As I viewed the three full pages of "fine gifts" I realized I had never truly known what a fine gift was until today.

Let me enlighten you.
BYUI Collegiate Bling Circle Ring - $9.99

I like this one because it's super trendy. I can't think of one outfit that this wouldn't go with.

BYU-Idaho Candy Jar - $10.99

So that when those candy stealing kids take your candy, they will be inspired to get an education at BYU-I. Also it will match your BYU-I themed kitchen.

BYU-Idaho Golf Towel - $19.99

This will match your BYU-I Golf Ball and the decal on the side of your golf cart.

BYU-Idaho Large Foam Basketball 6-Inch - $9.99

Because nothing says "fine" like a foam.

BYU-Idaho Yo-Yo - $2.99

I already knew that Yo-Yos were considered fine. That's why I wanted one so bad in 6th grade when the Yo-Yo guy came to school and did an assembly. Although I think mine is fancier than this one. I think it was worth more than $2.99 and I definitely paid more (or my parents did, I can't remember). Also as I speak my Yo-Yo is not a foot away from me.

There are other notable items such as a dinner bell (for when you get a butler) and a thimble that looks like more trouble than it's worth.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion regarding "fine gifts."

Now I just have to decide which one I want!


  1. I love the golf ball. never knew that was considered a "fine gift". When I graduated I bought a BYU-I Christmas ornament. That way its not bothering me everyday of the year. And the time I do take it out will be in the winter which completely represents BYU-Idaho. It seemed to be the most fitting item.

    1. That is wise. Maybe I'll do that. I feel like I should get something, but most of it is so ridiculous!


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