Saturday, February 4, 2012

A beautiful white cream sweater!

Yesterday I went shopping with some of my best friends. We were hitting a DownEast Basic warehouse sale. The first one they've done in Rexburg. Most everything was in boxes that you had to dig through to find your treasures. I found an white cream colored sweater in one of the boxes that I knew I had to have. There was only one problem; black stains on the sweater. They weren't very big, but black stains on a white sweater? Usually I just put it back and leave it for someone else to tackle. But it was the only one. Not the only one in my size or in that color, the only one. So I tried it on and of course it was exactly what I wanted. So I bought it.

When I got home I got right to work on tackling the stains. I asked advice from my mom, googled and used my own knowledge to decide what to do.

At first I soaked it in the sink in ice cold water for a bit. Nothing changed.

Then I put some Dawn dish soap on the stains, rubbed it in and put it back in the water. I repeated this each time that the blue dish soap disappeared from the sweater.

Victory! The black stains were fading! I soaked the sweater overnight. Put more soap on it when I woke up and left it to soak while I went to my internship. More soap.

Although the stains aren't completely gone, they are so faint that I can't be disappointed.

Looks good right?
You can still see the stains faintly, but I think it's still ready to wear!

So, my advice for you today is to use Dawn dishsoap for stain removal. I usually just pre-treat the stains with it. You can even put it on the garment, and toss it into your laundry.

My only caution for you is not to put Dawn dish sop on silk. That is the only trouble I've had. I put it on my yellow silk blouse and tossed the blouse in my laundry basket. The stains came out, but the Dawn did not. I can only assume that the Dawn would have been fine had it never dried on the shirt, but I can't be sure. So be careful if you have silk clothing.

Using Dawn to get stains out makes a lot of sense if you give it a thought. I mean they use Dawn to clean little creatures up after an oil spill. What could be safer and for effective than that?

Give it a try. I'm pretty sure it's cheaper than other stain removals and you probably already have it in your house. Since I share dish soap with roommates, I buy a bottle of Dawn just for doing laundry. It sits right next to my laundry basket.

Do you have any stain removing tricks you swear by?

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