Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Help by Kathyn Stockett

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So I finally got around to reading The Help (again, thanks to my best friend, E). And I loved it! Such a powerful novel about humans. My favorite line in the whole book is a revelation that Skeeter has while talking with one of her friends:

"We are just two people. Not that much separates us. Not nearly as much as I'd thought."

When I first saw the film (amazing) a year or so ago I went to amazon to put it on one of my wish lists and read some reviews (I like to know what others are thinking). The majority of the negative reviewers were angry that Skeeter was the heroine and not Aibileen or Minny. I thought maybe I'd agree with these reviews after reading the book. WRONG. First of all the book doesn't really elevate any of the main characters (Skeeter, Aibileen or Minny) above each other. They are all humans. Learning humans. And all three of them are heroes, as is every woman who participates in the book or respects those around them (like Celia and Lou Anne). I think that sometimes people are looking for something to complain about and then they miss the entire point of the book. It wasn't to pit black against or above white or visa verse, it was to bring us together. Because we are all just people.

After the end of the novel Kathryn Stockett shares her story. Just like Skeeter did in the book. I love it. She is honest and you can feel it. 

You should read the book.

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