Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Short Bozeman, Montana Adventure

My sister and I took a two day trip to Bozeman, Montana last weekend. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip!

 I love a Lewis and Clark reference! For those unfamiliar: Charbonneau was Sacagawea's husband. Lewis and Clark hired him knowing that he'd bring his wife along. Sacagawea knew they area the were traveling into and was invaluable to to Corps of Discovery on several occasions.

 An awesome old hotel sign in downtown Bozeman.
Delicious pizza and soup! I was so excited to learn they are building on in my area!

More downtown Bozeman!

The public school house in Pony, a sort of ghost town. They have a small population. 

From what I gathered this is the entrance into a wildlife preserve or something. Very cool. 

Nevada City. It's a ghost town that has been restored. You can even stay in the hotel. 

 Nevada City
And the grand finale of the trip! A sandwhich from Mountain High Subs in Lima, Montana! And a chocolate malt. YUM!

I should also note that a ghost town guide book printed in 1971 can be a bit outdated. We found that most of the ghost towns he listed in that area were much more populated than they were in 1971. But the book had a lot of good information. My sisters favorite bit of information from the book was that 190 people were killed in a seven month period in Virginia City. The book is Ghost Towns of the Northwest by Norman D. Weis. There are pictures and maps.

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