Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Idaho Loners: Hermits, Solitaries, and Individualists by Cort Conley

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I've been wanting to read this book for a while. What more could a person want in a book? Loners (I'm kind of one myself) and Idaho! And naturally the mountains play a part.

Overall I enjoyed the book. There are stories of 12 people who chose Idaho to settle in and ended up living alone (either by choice or circumstance). Other than the last two stories being really long winded, the stories are interesting, just like the people in them.

I do feel a little guilty reading the book though, some of the "loners" mentioned in the book were still alive when the book was published. That mean they were given more publicity and probably more people bothering them. That makes me sad. Obviously these people are interesting, but they ought to be left alone. Maybe the book should have only been about those who had passed away or choosen to be in the book. Maybe that's just me thinking to hard about it!

Anyway it was interesting and I would very much like to be an Idaho Loner!

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