Thursday, February 7, 2013

By the Time I Get to Phoenix

Another song that is on Frank Sinatra's Cycles that I didn't know Frank sang is By the Time I Get to Phoenix. Guess what? It's also on Dean Martin's Gentle on My Mind. I actually really like both versions. I'm having a hard time deciding which one I like best.

What do you think?

Frank's version:

via The Frank Sinatra

Dean's version:

via Amazon

Here is the problem: I listen to Frank's and think "I love this. This is the better one." But then I listen to Dean's and I think "Wait. No, this is definitely better." Pretty much I just go back and forth like that.

So chime in, which is better? Or are you like me? 


  1. That is a tough one, but I like Deans Better. Even though I love Frank, I have a hard time listening to him sing ballad like songs. Sometimes I feel like his slow songs are not sung with as much passion or feeling as his uptempo numbers. If he is in a movie and I am watching him sing those songs, then it's different, but just listening to them is a little boring for me. Although, for the words of the song I think Frank's is more appropriate. But I love Dean's. I love that I can tell when he is smiling even when I'm just listening to him sing.

    1. OH my gosh. I can't believe you can hear him smile too. It's so true. I tell you what, in the past year or so I have become deeply attached to Dean. The man is charming!

      I think the problem with Frank is that he was too cocky. He knew everyone loved him. He didn't have to do much to make people freak out. I like Frank best when he's acting or singing something lively (like Luck Be A Lady, which is one of my favorite Frank songs).

      Thanks for participating. I should just email you! haha


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