Monday, April 23, 2012

Guilt Free TV

PBS programming never ceases to amaze me. My favorite thing about having a lot of time on my hands is that I get to watch a lot of PBS. This is what I've watched recently:

via Zap 2 It

via al

via Eco Mama's Guide to Being Green

via PBS

via PRX

via Cleveland Movie Blog
River of No Return
via Idaho Statesman

The three bottom films are the ones that really touched me.

Learning about Mister Rogers and his unfailing kindness to others made me want to read and learn more about Fred Rogers. I have several books in my Amazon wishlist that I can't wait to buy!

Being Elmo made me really appreciate Elmo and his creator. Elmo has always been a little annoying to me. Not anymore!

The River of No Return had me pining to be in the mountains. This couple spent a year hiking the Frank Church wilderness and it's animals. Can you imagine? Bonding at it's best.

Most of these films are still playing on PBS at various times. Check out the to see when you can watch them.

I love PBS and their diverse programming. I love watching something and suddenly feeling a connection with the people I'm learning about.

Do you like PBS? What are your favorite programs?

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