Friday, October 26, 2012

Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work by Tim Gunn
via Fashion Me Fabulous

Tim Gunn is a kindred spirit. I want to be his best friend!

This book is so wonderful. It's basically an etiquette, advice and self help book. I love it.

There are 18 Rules. My favorite rules are:

Rule 2: The World Owes You... Nothing - "Whenever I'm out in public, there are certain people who make demands of me as if I owe them a huge debt - even though we've never met."

Rule 5: Get Inspired If It Kills You - "Any genre, any film, any book can be the jumping-off point for amazing creative work." In this section he also mention that he finds The Philadelphia Story inspiring! That's my favorite movie. See what I mean? Kindred spirit.

Rule 16: Take Risks! Playing It Safe is Never Really Safe - "Risk taking in fashion is fun, but risk taking in our careers and in our education is essential. Ambitious people are more attractive and more fun to be with than people who maintain the status quo."

And my favorite Rule (and chapter) of all, Rule 10: Be a Good Guest or Stay Home (I Won't Judge You - I Hate Parties) - "Maybe this will be the year I actually start enjoying party giving... Or maybe I'll continue to put my gorgeous dining room table to a slightly less social use: doing crossword puzzles in my pajamas." Seriously. KINDRED SPIRIT.

I wish everyone would read this book. Society is slipping in terms of social graces and manners. It makes me sad.


  1. I am going to have to find this book and read it!

  2. He is a kindred spirit! I want to read this book now...


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