Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why I Will Build My Tiny House on Wheels

I've made a really big decision regarding my tiny house this week!

Originally I did not want my tiny house on wheels. My plan was to buy some land and build a tiny house on a foundation. My logic being that I would have my own space away from others and just live in peace. I was planning to commute up to an hour to the job I have currently so that I could live out in the country.

I made this plan last year sometime. Since then I have paid off my student loans and I'm a few months away from being completely debt free. And I've been reading and learning a lot about tiny house options.

A couple weeks ago I started feeling less confident in my decision to build my tiny house on a foundation. The more I thought about building on a trailer the better I felt. I asked my friends and family what they thought. I posted the question on Facebook. The response was overwhelming! Most people agreed that a trailer is the best idea for me. My friend Nate summed it up perfectly when he said, "With a house that small there's no reason not to. What you gain by putting it on a foundation isn't as much as what you lose by not making it mobile."

On Sunday I officially decided that my tiny house will be on wheels. I started looking at trailer sizes prices too! I'm still not sure what I'm doing there. I would like to tell you why I'm going to put my house on wheels. I'll list my main reasons below.

1. Freedom. Besides my job I have nothing tying me down to anywhere. It seems silly for me to choose to tie myself to some land and a house when I'm so young!

2. Cost. Since I'm no longer buying land I will be saving a significant amount of money. Hooray!

3. Dreams. I don't want to be an administrative assistant forever. Ultimately I'd like to work outdoors. If I build on a foundation I'm limiting my job options to one area. If my house is on wheels I can go where ever the jobs are!

Well that's it! I'm really excited. I feel so great about my choice. Plus how fun will it be to learn to tow my own house?

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