Monday, April 29, 2013

Crochet Confederate Flag Blanket

I keep getting asked if there is a pattern for this. I have no pattern. Get some graph paper and map it out. Also check out the comments for additional help. Feel free to comment if you need more help!

This is the most amazing crochet item I have even created. And I made most of the pattern myself. The only thing I didn't make up was the pattern for the star. I'm having trouble locating the exact pattern I used, but this one is very similar.

250 squares were crocheted.

The next step was to put them all together. I didn't plan the size very well (or at all) and it was hard to lay it out because I didn't have enough space.

The blanket ended up being a little over 3 yards by 3 yards. I stitched together each row and then stitched the rows together as I went.

I put a white border on it to bring it all together.

That's my couch under the blanket!

I am really proud of this blanket. I've only successfully made three blankets in my life and this one is the biggest.

I made this for a friend and hopefully he can find some use for a ridiculously huge blanket!

Next project: quilting!

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